About Me

So quick things about me …

  1. I write my character maps and synopsis by hand in art books (nice big pages).
  2. I have a pen and sticky note problem. Seriously, wouldn’t have to buy a pen or sticky note for at least a year.
  3. My favourite tea is Darjeeling.
  4. My favourite season is Autumn. Warm sunny days with a crisp night for snuggling in bed with a book – perfection.
  5. I’m right handed.
  6. Dogs are fine but I prefer cats.
  7. I usually write in silence.
  8. I swear too much.
  9. I can’t stand Brussel sprouts. I have a horrid childhood memory from me that has scarred me for life.
  10. I’m able to lick the tip of my nose with my tongue. Don’t know why I’m sharing that, just thought it was interesting.
  11. I’ve been writing stories for years but finally got brave when I got sick of seeing others living my dream.
  12. My favourite food is bacon and eggs on crusty bread with Worcestershire sauce. Anytime of the DAY!
  13. Josephine is her favourite girl’s name.
  14. Traynor comes from Will Traynor of Jojo Moyes’ Me Before You.
  15. It’s been a struggle to get to 15 – I really do think I’m a typical suburban mum, dealing with life, two young kids, school, shift work and writing. I just want to make people happy with my stories. That’s my wish.


A little longer about me …

I’m a writer with a dream of sharing the characters I see in my head with others and have you fall in love with them too. I have been a writer since I was a little girl and finally got brave enough to show my work to a friend. My friend asked for more and that, in turn, resulted in me showing a couple more friends, who told me this book needs to be published.

On the other side of the pen name, I’m a mother of two and that’s a big part of why I’m using a pen name. This is MY career choice, not theirs. It’s not about being ashamed of my work, far from it, I am super proud but I have a responsibility. The other reason is due to wanting to keep the focus on my work. For the lack of a better pun, I’m an open book, ask me anything, but I think my books are far more interesting than I am.

I think about writing and characters all the time. I love nothing more than sitting down at my computer, or even with my pen and notebook, to get my imagination down on paper. I try to create characters that feel like friends, people that the reader would want to know. I aim to write stories that not only give you a laugh, but have you thinking about your own life.

About the actual name – I’d chosen another name and found out that there is another author out there with the same name. Back to the drawing board, I chose my favourite name – which was Josephine. As for the Traynor part, I’d just finished read Jojo Moyes’ Me Before You and Will Traynor’s choices and suggestions about living to the fullest and without regret was another push for me to follow my dreams.

Thanks for dropping by and I hope you fall in love with a few laughs along the way.



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