Joining Totally Entwined Group **silent screams of excitement**

So, my exciting news.
It’s with great delight that I am pulling all my books from sale.
Delight you say?

For me it is. I have been working hard on my dream of working with a publisher and now, that dream is becoming a reality. I am joining the many great authors at Totally Entwined Group. TEG is Europe’s largest eBook publisher of erotic romance fiction and are owned by the publisher powerhouse, Bonnier Group. They are also big players in the GLBTQI fiction arena through its Pride Publishing and Finch Books covers Young Adult.

This is my dream. I love to write. I want it to be the best it can be and I’m honoured that TEG want to work with me. I took a chance and submitted A Quarter to Twelve and they have acquired it for the Totally Bound imprint line, they also have first rights to any book within that series. The other exciting news is that TEG have acquired my man child rocker, Reece from Rock Bottom.

So what happens from here?

Rock Bottom will be rereleased in December of this year and A Quarter to Twelve will kick off the year in January. I have been working super hard (along with the normal pulls of life) to get the next two books up to the length similar to A Quarter to Twelve and have been having so much fun with book four.

So many things have been happening behind the scenes that I haven’t really spoken about but have huge support in pursing and I thank those people. I have done courses on both writing and the business side of being an author, attended conferences, I read books on how to make my writing better, more enticing and a solid read for you.

I am super excited about the next step in my writing career. I really do see what a blessing this really is. I‘m so thankful to all that have supported me, encouraged me and told me to get over my fears and try when I got my rejections. I’m so thankful to those that helped keep my focus. I’m a huge believer that things come to those that work for it. Keep pushing. Assess your goals and go after them. No one is responsible for your choices other than you. The world is our oyster. May a million successes rain down on you. Hugest hugs.

Please head on over to Totally Bound page and give them a like – I am really excited to work with them.

totally entwined.png


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