Life update …

So my fantabulous editor, Emma Mack of Ultra Editing Co has sent me back the edits for Rock Bottom and it’s now off to my proofer, Kim Ginsberg.  My cover designer, Cassy Roop of Pink Ink Designs has given me a cover that I absolutely adore! Can’t wait to show that chunk of love off.

I have been struggling with a story idea for a few weeks. It has been a real pain. The characters were being troublesome. I spent more time deleting what I’d written than adding to the story and felt like I was starting to lose my spirit. I vented to an author friend, who said ‘what else have you been thinking about?’ and I told her about my series idea. Well, that’s all it took. I packed away all my bits and bobs on The Office and pulled out my sketch book and started my series.

I sat my butt in the chair and wrote what was in my head. I managed to pump out 2,500 words that Friday night. The following day, my butt went into the chair again and I wrote what was in my head. Several interruptions and a grocery shop later, I got back in the chair and continued to write. I managed to pump out a might 12,500 words in ONE day, plus plot the other two stories in the series as they are intertwining. It still blows my mind. These characters are full of fun and spirit and a pleasure to write. Today though, (Sunday) I woke with a massive headache and had to have a nanna nap through the day. LOL.

By moving onto another story, I’ve even worked out why I was hating The Office so much. I know that story is going to be a total rewrite but that’s okay. I love what I do. If writer’s block is hitting you hard, do something else. It might seem like a wasted effort but if it gets you past a hurdle, the blip, the roadblock or gets you out of your own head – it’s worth it.

I’m signing off now to get back into my story and have a great day.




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