Where I’m at now …

So a little about where I’m at now.

My debut novel, Rock Bottom is getting a final run through and then it’s on its way to the editor for her to start on May 1. I’m expecting it back by the middle of May while my cover designer is working away.

I haven’t picked a release day yet and I only get to be a debut author once and I want to get it all ready to go rather than being rushed and missing deadlines.

Rock Bottom was so much fun to write. I had vivid images of certain scenes that it took pretty much a night for me to get it to six thousand words. It was just coming out of me. The characters were very persistent with showing me their lives.

Reece is really a manchild but in his defence, he’s not had to do the things for himself. I’m really excited about this book, yes, it’s a contemporary romantic comedy about a rockstar but I don’t believe I’ve read a book with this story line and that’s what sets it apart.

Madelyn is a heroine that I fell in love with. She’s strong, determined and that can actually work against her in some instances. She’s too independent to a fault.

I’ll keep you updated with developments and until then, have fun!




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