Joining Totally Entwined Group **silent screams of excitement**

So, my exciting news. It’s with great delight that I am pulling all my books from sale. Delight you say? For me it is. I have been working hard on my dream of working with a publisher and now, that dream is becoming a reality. I am joining the many great authors at Totally Entwined … More Joining Totally Entwined Group **silent screams of excitement**

I’m currently having one of those days where I think that everything I have written would be better written on the toilet paper. This thought process usually happens when I have too much on my plate. The stress of things, being sick, sick kids, a stagnant word count all amount to frustrating times. Some days … More

Life update …

So my fantabulous editor, Emma Mack of Ultra Editing Co has sent me back the edits for Rock Bottom and it’s now off to my proofer, Kim Ginsberg.  My cover designer, Cassy Roop of Pink Ink Designs has given me a cover that I absolutely adore! Can’t wait to show that chunk of love off. … More Life update …

About me

So a little about me … I’m a writer with a dream of sharing the characters I see in my head with others and have you fall in love with them too. I have been a writer since I was a little girl and finally got brave enough to show my work to a friend. … More About me